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Sample introduction

Sample introduction

JSB has a variety of injectors for your gas chromatograph. We gladly coordinate the type of injector with you based of your application question. The possibilities that we have include:

  • Split / splitless (SSL)
  • PTV inlet with optional peltier cooling
  • Packed purged injection port (PPIP)
  • Cool on-column (COC)
  • Cool on-column with solvent vapor exit (COC-SVE)
  • Programmable temperature vaporizing (PTV)
  • Volatiles interface (VI)
  • Multimode inlet (MMI)
  • High temperature PTV
  • High pressure gas sample injection
  • Gas Sampling Valve (GSV)
  • Liquid Sampling Valve (LSV)

JSB also offers a wide range of sample introduction solutions. In addition to auto samplers from Agilent and CTC, there are other options for sample introduction such as:

Below you will find an overview of the most common applications. Of course you can always contact  one of our specialists for a tailor-made solution for your GC application.