Sharper peaks, better separations

Dynamic Blender

Dynamic Blender

The Dynamic Blender is a portable blending device that dilutes a sample or a certified standard with a matrix gas of choice. An inert flow path and heated bridge eliminate adsorption and condensation problems when blending gas standards that include sulfur, nitrogen, and other reactive compounds. The samples are fed directly to a gas chromatograph, eliminating the need to store multiple gas cylinders.

The Dynamic Blender contains a digital flow controller that allows the diluent gas flow to be controlled digitally.

Gas chromatographic analysis often requires that samples or standards be diluted to low levels. Some analytes are quite expensive or difficult to purchase at low levels due to reactivity, adsorption, or large molecular weight. One certified standard with concentrations at the upper limit of the desired calibration curve can be diluted to the lower level (up to 4 orders of magnitude lower) to create a full calibration curve from just one standard. There is no need to purchase several concentrations of the same mixture, and no need to find storage in the laboratory for those cylinders. The Dynamic Blender provides an easy and cost effective solution for gas phase calibration needs.

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