Sharper peaks, better separations



The Wasson-ECE Vaporizer uses an innovative, proprietary technique to vaporize liquid samples for injection in your existing gas chromatography system. This convenient laboratory system gives you flexibility and accuracy when switching between gas and liquid samples.

Advantages of Vaporizer

The Vaporizer is not only more convenient than a typical liquid sample valve, it also gives you more acccurate results. The Vaporizer lets you inject liquid or gas phase samples with a single valve. All liquid samples are vaporized and run at a constant pressure, eliminating sample density changes that cause errors in liquid phase samples. This ensures sharp, easy-to-read peaks.

Wasson-ECE's vaporization technique results in an accurate gas sample. Other vaporizers use tubing that is too large causing samples to fraction when vaporized. Fractioning can lead to incomplete sample analysis and other errors. The Vaporizer controls the injection volume so that all elements in the liquid sample are vaporized and sent to the GC simultaneously, giving you a complete and accurate analysis of your sample.