Sharper peaks, better separations



JSB offers an LC-GC analyzer for simultaneous determination of mineral oil hydrocarbons MOSH and MOAH in routine analysis.
Key component of this analysis system is the CHRONECT® LC-GC coupling developed by Axel Semrau®. It is coupled with Agilent Chromatography systems and appropriate software for the highly automated analysis of MOSH and MOAH.

Mineral oil residues are determined by coupling liquid and gas chromatography with subsequent flame ionization detection (LC-GC-FID). HPLC is performed upstream for separation of analytes from the matrix and separation of MOSH and MOAH.
The CHRONECT® LC-GC coupling ensures that HPLC solvent quantities incompatible for gas chromatography are effectively reduced without risking discrimination or contamination of analytes.

Advantages of the LC-GC system for MOSH and MOAH determination

  • equipped with two FIDs - simultaneous determination of MOSH and MOAH fractions in a single run
  • analysis duration - results in 30 minutes, including GC detection, backflush and subsequent reconditioning
  • direct LC-GC coupling - no risk of contamination
  • no discrimination of volatile hydrocarbons
  • twice the sample throughput
  • highly automated process
  • excellent reproducibility
  • optimal sensitivity
  • upgrades available, e.g analysis of PAHs or sterols

Components of the MOSH/MOAH analyzer

  • Agilent 1260 Infinity LC with binary pump, UV-detektor and degasser
  • autosampler CTC CHRONECT Robotic
  • Agilent-GC-7890B with two FIDs
  • CHRONECT® LC-GC coupling
  • data system with controlling and evaluation software (Chronos and OpenLAB CDS ChemStation)
  • accessories and consumables

The MOSH/MOAH complete system is pre-installed and tested in the application laboratory and subsequently delivered ready for use.

Item Order No.
LC/GC Analyzer for determination of MOSH/MOAH MM 7000 10 00