Sharper peaks, better separations

Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer

Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer

 Type: EGA/PY-3030D

The specialized furnace design allows rapid characterization of nearly all materials with guaranteed reproducibility and precision. The sample cup is dropped vertical into the oven and the sample is pyrolyzed in a few milliseconds. Low mass ceramic heaters heat and cool the furnace quickly.

Besides Single-Shot or flash pyrolysis, this system can also be used to analyse the volatile fraction of the sample (Double-Shot pyrolysis).

When the analysis of the volatile fraction is complete, the sample is again dropped into the pyrolyzer furnace where the flash pyrolysis occurs. The pyrolyzates are transported to the analytical column.

All four modes of pyrolysis GC can be performed with this system.


  • pyrolysis temperatures up to 1050 °C
  • very precise temperature control in the micro furnace (40 – 1050 °C ± 0,1 °C)
  • cooled standby position for the sample before pyrolysis, in order to avoid early degradation of the substance
  • total flow-path in the pyrolysis system is desactivated (Ultra AlloyTM)
  • a special adapter prevents cold spots between pyrolyzer and GC
  • 4 different modes of pyrolysis: Flash pyrolysis, thermic desorption/pyrolysis, EGA, HC/EGA
  • different samplers enable analysis of many different samples (e.g. Liquid Sampler for liquid samples)
  • diverse add-ons for extended applications are available (e.g. Auto-Shot Sampler for automated analysis of samples or special equipment for the performance of Heart-Cut/EGA)