Sharper peaks, better separations

EST Centurion Purge & Trap autosampler

EST Centurion Purge & Trap autosampler


Centurion Series Water Soil and Water only Purge and Trap Autosampler

Stay EPA purge and trap method compliant with the time tested Centurion series purge and trap autosampler.  The Centurion series was designed with YOU in mind.   Can you benefit from increased sample throughput, instrument reliability, and optimized sample prep for purge and trap samples?  Maximize productivity and profitability with the EST Centurion series Water/Soil or Water only purge and trap autosampler.


Perform EPA methods 8260, 524, 624 with minimal carry over

  • < 3% RSD programmable internal standard compared to 10% by other purge and trap autosamplers
  • Separate water and soil needles to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Programmable Hot water rinses in between samples
  • Programmable soil needle depth to avoid clogging



  • The Centurion purge & trap autosampler holds up to 100 water and 90 soil samples
  • Dual mode allows two concentrators to hook up to one Centurion and one GC
  • Optical sensors eliminate lost vial, syringe home, and elevator not home errors commonly found in older purge & trap autosamplers
  • Unique software (patent pending) enables labs to run waters as soils to save time through a single calibration
  • Only the Centurion Purge and Trap autosampler offers a built-in option which allows the autosampler to connect and control two different purge and trap concentrators. When connected to a single GC/MS, you can improve your VOC throughput up to 80 to 100 runs per day!
  •  Proven, robust XYZ design
  •  Connects to any purge & trap concentrator

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