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Life Sciences - Application notes

Life Sciences

Human beings as study objects; just one of the most fascinating forms of science. The body itself is an endless chain of chemical processes and reactions. Life Sciences studies these processes, records them and gathers knowledge. That knowledge is used for the development of supplements and medication. Not only human life, but all life around us consists of a chain of processes. The synergy with which life performs the processes is just amazing. And this science is actually based on biological aspects. And with a little help from the chemistry department more and more secrets are unravelled. The development of medicines and therapies that enrich our life is a significant part of this industry. With advanced techniques and ever innovating insights JSB is a true pioneer when it comes to delivering new methods. Many applications are due to the expertise of an HPLC analyst. Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis comprise a lot, but not everything Life Sciences has to offer by far.

Below you will find an overview of frequently delivered applications. If your application is not on the list, please contact us.

Application notes