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LC Column Thermostats

LC Column Thermostats

1290 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment

The Agilent 1290 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment (TCC) facilitates precise column thermostatting over a temperature range from 10 °C below ambient temperature to 100 °C. This provides the maximum flexibility for the optimization of the speed and selectivity of a separation. The high level of temperature precision specification provides repeatable retention times and peak areas. Ultra high pressure valves enable a wide range of solutions such as dual or multi-column selection, sample preparation or alternating column regeneration to be carried out. The 1290 Infinity TCC is also the basis for multi-method solutions and can be used together with 1290 Infinity LC and 1260 Infinity LC systems and others.


  • Temperature precision specification of ± 0.05 degrees for repeatable retention times and peak areas.
  • Maximum application flexibility through Peltier cooling and heating for two independent temperature zones from 10 °C below ambient temperature up to 100 °C.
  • Low dispersion - optimized for low internal volume contribution.
  • Spacious column racks provide room for three 30 cm columns or several shorter columns.
  • Ultra high pressure valves for many applications such as alternating column regeneration, sample preparation and dual or multi-column selection.
  • Unique pull-out and Quick Change Valve design for simplistic plumbing and valve exchange.
  • Clustering of up to three 1290 Infinity TCC modules for maximum flexibility for multi-method applications such as automated method development.
  • Further features include a door-open sensor, improved thermal insulation, leak funnel and capillary guide.