You need GC-MS/MS because...

The Evolution-GC-MS/MS selectively detects analytical compounds in heavy matrix by means of MS/MS. The sensitivity in matrix increases by SCAN-> SIM-> MSMS

A high chemical background known from SIM technique will be eliminated by MSMS.

Typical applications are samples with difficult matrices: doping analysis, forensics, drug testing, pesticide residues in food, biomarker analysis for oil exploration, dioxin trace analysis, etc.


We enhance any Agilent 5977, 5975 or 5973 MSD to a GC-MS/MS system called EVOLUTION


  • Extractor Ion Source - The ‘push-pull’ principle of the Extractor Ion Source delivers more ions to the mass analyzer and increases confidence of your trace analysis methods.
  • Instrument Detection Limit (IDL): Replace signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) with the new industry standard that measures the true sensitivity of your mass spec instrument.
  • Heated Gold Quadrupole - The quartz, hyperbolic monolithic is the only mass filter that can be heated to 200°C without loss of resolution or mass accuracy.
  • Triple-Axis Detector (TAD) - Optimizes signal-to-noise by combining efficient ion collection and amplification with the elimination of neutral noise.
  • GCMSD MassHunter with MSD ChemStation Data Analysis - Supports the MassHunter data analysis workflow for all instruments and the classic MSD ChemStation workflows for your GC/MSD and GC only operation.
  • Accurate Mass Data – The combination of Agilent’s proprietary quadrupole with MassWorks Software produces reproducible, highly accurate mass information, effective noise filtering, and unbiased baseline correction.
  • Integrated GC-MSD Communication - The 7890B GC and 5977A MSD ‘talk’ continuously and form a unified system that supports the highest productivity for your laboratory.
  • Sleep/Wake Mode: In sleep mode, you can reduce your energy costs and the system scheduler will wake the GC/MSD and ready it for your next work day.
  • Programmable Helium Conservation Module - Reduces helium consumption for GC and GC/MS systems by changing to an alternate carrier during system stand-by.
  • Safety Protection - If the MSD shuts down unexpectedly, GC gas flow is automatically terminated, ensuring safe operation with hydrogen and eliminates waste of costly helium.