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Wiley Registry 11th Edition / NIST 2017 Mass Spectral Library

Wiley Registry 11th Edition / NIST 2017 Mass Spectral Library

Wiley, NIST
ISBN: 978-1-119-41223-6
Sep 2017

The broadest combined library available with over 1.6 million EI and LC-MSn Mass Spectra

Containing the complete de-duplicated Wiley Registry 11th Edition and the latest 2017 update of the complete NIST EI and MSMS libraries, this combination library provides the most up-to-date software and spectra available*.  

The new release contains more than 1 million EI mass spectra, 740,000 unique compounds, and over 973,000 searchable chemical structures. Replicate spectra and over 3 million chemical names and synonyms provide a higher rate of correct identification and ensure that the library can aid in classical EI, exact mass, and other methods of identification.

This package contains the recently improved NIST MS Search software (2.3g), including significant improvements in search algorithms, addition of hybrid searching to find spectra for compounds that differ by one inert group. Other added searches include InChI structure-based and instrument type along with a nearly 3x increase in MS/MS data.

*Data collected by Dr. Fred McLafferty, the NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, and Wiley Science Solutions. 

The DVD includes:

  • Wiley/NIST EI library (>1m spectra) in the following formats: Agilent Chemstation/Masshunter, NIST MS Search, Thermo Xcalibur, Shimadzu GCMS Solution, PerkinElmer Turbomass, and Waters Masslynx.
  • The NIST MSMS library (652k spectra) in NIST format.
  • The complete suite of NIST17 software tools, including AMDIS deconvolution software, MS Interpreter, Lib2NIST, and MS Search.

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