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Variable Pressure Sample System

Variable Pressure Sample System

The Variable Pressure Sample System (VPS) gives you two ways to ensure the precision and accuracy of your gas chromatography results. The first method is pressure correction, used to create uniform pressure among all injected samples and calibration blends. The second method is multipoint calibration, which you can use to test the pressure ranges that will deliver accurate results from your calibration blend.

Pressure Correction

The VPS pressure-correction system is a multistep process that ensures samples and calibration blends are at uniform pressures when they are injected. First, when the calibration blend is run through the GC, the VPS measures and stores the pressure of the calibration blend at the time of injection. Then, as each sample is injected, the VPS adjusts the pressure of the sample to match the pressure of the calibration blend. The inject pressure of the sample is reported to Agilent Technologies ChemStation software so calculations and quality control operations can be performed.

VPS Linearity Chart

Multipoint Calibration

Using the VPS, you can run calibration samples at various pressures from a single standard. This decreases overall lab costs while ensuring greater accuracy in results. The multipoint calibration function allows you to test for signal linearity at different pressures. With this feature, you can easily pinpoint the range of pressures where you will receive accurate and meaningful results from your calibration standard.