Sharper peaks, better separations



Lonestar is a versatile gas analyzer and chemical monitor in a portable, self contained unit.

Incorporating Owlstone’s proprietary FAIMS technology, the instrument offers the flexibility to provide both rapid alerts and detailed sample analysis. It can be trained to respond to a broad range of chemical scenarios and can be easily integrated with other sensors and third party systems to provide a complete monitoring solution. As a result, Lonestar is suitable for a broad variety of applications ranging from online/at line process monitoring to lab based R&D.


  • Complete flexibility to ‘train’ instrument for a broad range of processes
  • Cost-effective, easy-to-use instrument
  • Reduce running costs and improve efficiency with fast analysis
  • Real-time, online, granular monitoring for rapid identification of anomalous events
  • Portable with a compact footprint
  • Standalone operation with integrated sampling and processing
  • High sensitivity with part per billion detection levels combined with inlet control for high dynamic range
  • Integrated temperature, flow and humidity sensors for stable, closed-loop operation
  • Network and wireless* connectivity for remote monitoring and operation
  • Easy integration of other sensor data and control of third party systems
  • Powerful custom software for data visualisation, real-time control and offline analysis

Lonestar in action: