Sharper peaks, better separations

NMR Prep Pal

NMR Prep Pal

NMR Prep WorkStation  

The NMR Prepstation is a modular solution designed to help you improve your sample preparation workflow.

From Basic Workflows:
  • Adding deuterated solvents
  • Filling NMR tubes in most formats, including: 1mm, 1.7mm, 3mm, and 5mm

To Complex Sample Handling:

  • Filling multiple tube formats & types
  • Heating, cooling, mixing
  • Serial dilution & standard creation
  • In-line SPE, liquid extractions
  • Polymer dissolution

We work natively with Bruker SampleJet racked tubes and with non-racked tubes of all varieties.

Powered by Chronos, the NMR Prepstation can be configured as a walk-up, push button system, or allow the user to build custom sequences in the full software interface.