Sharper peaks, better separations

Mass Spectra of Pesticides 2009

Mass Spectra of Pesticides 2009

Rolf Kühnle
ISBN: 978-3-527-32488-0
Jan 2009

A pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest. Most pesticides are designed to be toxic to their target pest and because any substance can be harmful if used improperly, pesticide use is strictly controlled. Environmental monitoring and reliable identification of pesticides in small amounts requires sophisticated analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry. To identify a pesticide, searchable mass spectral reference data are indispensible.This new 2009 collection includes 1,238 high quality mass spectra of pesticides such as: 

  • insecticides
  • acaroids
  • nematicides
  • fungicides
  • rodenticides
  • mollucicides
  • repellents

The mass spectra are unreduced and experimental conditions present in the data record include chemical structure, CAS RN, synonym and systematic name, molecular weight and molecular formula.

Available Database Formats: Agilent Chemstation; NIST MSSEARCH; Finnigan GCQ, SSQ, TSQ, ICIS, INCOS,Iontrap, ITS40, Magnum; INCOS; PE Turbomass; Shimadzu QP-5000; Thermo Galactic SpectralID; Varian Saturn;VG Labbase, Masslab; Waters Masslynx; Xcalibur.