Sharper peaks, better separations

Micro-electron capture (micro-ECD)

Micro-electron capture (micro-ECD)

The Agilent micro-electron capture detector (micro-ECD), together with the Agilent 7890A, 6890N, or 6850N Series II gas chromatograph system, revolutionizes trace-level analyses of halogenated organic compounds and aromatic pollutants. Major design innovations neatly wrap ruggedness and reliability around unprecedented sensitivity and linearity. Spend less time maintaining the detector and more time running samples, with the Agilent micro-ECD.


  • Most sensitive ECD on the market
  • Detection zone volume 10 is times smaller than any other ECD; assures detection with extremely low concentrations, eg., less than 6 fg/mL of lindane
  • A broad dynamic linear range for confident, accurate quantitation of samples containing compounds with unknown concentrations, from femtograms to nanograms per microliter, eg., 5 x 105 for lindane, with true linearity of 5 x 104
  • Compliant with U.S. EPA Contract Laboratory Program linearity requirements for pesticides over a range of 1 to 500 picograms/microliter
  • Higher linear velocities through the detection zone reduce analyte residence time, decrease the chance of cell contamination, and improve uptime
  • Hidden anode minimizes the chance for contamination to reach the anode
  • Optimized electric field minimizes contamination effects on cell performance
  • Replaceable liner that serves as a physical stop for the column: ensures reproducible column installation and decreases column contamination of the cell
  • Variable sampling rate from 5 to 50 Hz makes it ideal for fast chromatography


7890 Micro-ECD (electronic pressure/flow control only)
Equipped with hidden anode, column stop, and high velocity flows for superior ruggedness
Maximum operating temperature 400 ºC
Data acquisition rate Up to 50 Hz
Linear dynamic range >5 x 104 with lindane
Dynamic range >5 x 105 with lindane
Radioactive source 63Ni foil


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