Sharper peaks, better separations

Eclipse, Process GC Wasson

Eclipse, Process GC Wasson

Eclipse uses state of the art laboratory-grade components designed throughout Wasson-ECE’s decades of experience in laboratory and process analytics. Capable of handling everything from simple to complex analyses, Eclipse can utilize two MicroConvection ovens (US Pat. 8,512,456) for capillary columns; two isothermal ovens for packed columns, valving or detectors; one valve-inlet-detector (VID) oven for primary chromatographic valving, inlets and detectors; heated bridges for controlled sample transfer; and sample panel options for complex sample handling and multiplexing.

Eclipse Technology

  • Online MSD, TCD/FID and PDHID
  • Full electronic pressure programming
  • Laboratory quality temperature programming
  • Two MicroConvection programmable ovens
  • Local touchscreen interface
  • Wasson-ECE’s new chromatography data system
  • Rated for hazardous locations
  • Modbus RTU, TCP and REST automation
  • Sample system

MicroConvection Oven

Two independent MicroConvection ovens allow for precise and repeatable control of capillary column temperatures. Analyses that were unattainable with packed columns alone can now be accomplished in an automated and repeatable fashion. With less than 0.08% relative standard deviation (RSD) at twenty-two minutes, Wasson-ECE’s MicroConvection ovens allow Eclipse to challenge the analytic performance of both traditional process and laboratory gas chromatographs.



Flexible detector configurations allow Eclipse to scale across a wide range of analyses. From complex analyses requiring low detection limits and high accuracy identification to simple budget-conscious analyses. Eclipse can include a combination of two flame ionization detectors (FID) or pulsed discharge helium ionization detectors (PDHID) and isothermal ovens can contain thermal conductivity detectors (TCD).

Form Factor

Wall Mount

Eclipse is wall mountable for convenience and features a nineteen inch touchscreen interface for walk-up interaction with the unit. Instrument status, data analysis and configuration are accessible from the front display or via remote management.

Easy to Maintain

With an enclosure rated for hazardous locations and mounted on a pivoting inner chassis, high precision components are easily serviceable and protected from even the toughest environments.

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