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The SRA-Optimode is the heart of your bi-dimensional chromatography system, efficiently controls all the thermal process. 
The SRA-Optimode controls the cold nitrogen flow and the hot air pulse in the most efficient way. 
The introduction of the NEW SRA Optimode V.2 offers new possibilities for GCxGC:

• Improved accuracy and repeatability of the modulation time 
• Multi-modulation management: to adapt the modulation time during the analysis 
• Multi-step programming of the cold flow during the GC run 
• Intuitive programming web interface and new network (Ethernet) connection 
• Automatic Gas Saver Function: for reducing nitrogen cold flow between GC runs (less gas and liquid nitrogen consumption) 
• Available for Zoex thermal modulators series ZX1 and ZX2

Options pour GCxGC

The SRA Optimode V.2 employs the highest level of integrated electronics for precise temporal control. 
The first hot air pulse is initiated within 2 ms after the GC start. 
The modulation period is repeatable at about 12.5 ns. 
The mass flow rate is controlled with 8 bits (0.39% sensitivity), its characteristic response time is less than 1 ms. 
The time delay is also extremely small (one to 120,000, or 30 ms /h). In addition to this high performance, the SRA-Optimode supports multi-modulation: hot air jet control parameters are modified during the analysis according to a predefined table, adapted to the product analysis.

Chromatogramme GCxGC - vue 3D

The SRA Optimode interface is fully integrated: the device hosts an embedded server. This provides the web pages needed to control parameters. The access requires just a network connection and a Web browser. 
The interface is intuitive, organized into pages each one dedicated to a utilization method (simple modulation, multi-modulation, maintenance, etc..). Each page is divided into 3 parts. 
• A notice board showing the interface and the concerned function. 
• A real time display section of the menu parameters (on or off hot hair jet state, mass flow opening, open or closed state of the starting contact, elapsed time since the beginning of a cycle, etc..) 
• A parameter section which allows the system configuration. It is also possible to use the SRA-Optimode when is not connected: with the factory settings, or after web configuration.


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