Sharper peaks, better separations

Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (SCD)

Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (SCD)

The reimagined and redesigned Agilent 8355 SCD represents the first major advance in sulfur chemiluminescence detection in 25 years, making the technology more reliable and easier to use. Highly sensitive and highly specific, the reimagined detector is also easier to maintain, thanks to a simplified burner design with 50 percent fewer components. The most common service routine, which used to take one hour, now takes only 10 minutes. The 8355 employs a dual plasma burner to achieve high temperature combustion of sulfur-containing compounds to form sulfur monoxide (SO). A photomultiplier tube detects the light produced by the chemiluminescent reaction of SO with ozone. This results in a linear and equimolar response to the sulfur compounds, without interference from most sample matrices.


  • Sulfur-specific detection for gas chromatography (GC)
  • Fully integrated or standalone configurations available
  • Picogram-level detection limits
  • No hydrocarbon quenching
  • Linear, equimolar response to sulfur compounds
  • ASTM Methods compatible
  • Tandem SCD and FID operation
  • ~40% reduction in burner components; reduction of potential leak points
  • Inner ceramic tubes replacements is a 10 minute activity

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