Sharper peaks, better separations

Preperative pump

Preperative pump

1260 Infinity Preparative Pump

The 1260 Infinity Preparative Pump is suitable for isocratic and gradient separations. It delivers a stable and reproducible flow at both low and high flow rates; the addition of a second pump will allow you to assemble a high-pressure gradient system. The 1260 Infinity Preparative Pump is a core component of the Agilent Preparative Scale Purification Systemwhich is suitable for semi-prep and preparative separations.


  • Easy-to-adjust flow rates - robust dual piston design for permits flow rates up to 100 ml/min at 400 bar without changing pump heads.
  • Easy to upgrade - add a second pump to upgrade from isocratic to gradient separations.
  • Suitable for preparative, semi-preparative and analytical scouting applications in the analytical-2-prep scale up process - precise high-pressure binary gradient formation with low delay volume and flow rates as low as 1 ml/min.
  • Longevity - extended seal lifetime with automated seal wash.
  • Improved safety - upper and lower pressure limits with automatic cutoff for increased safety in the event of a column blockage or leakage.
  • Convenience - automated electromagnetic purge valve for easy system setup