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News - Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions accelerates growth through acquisition of JSB

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions accelerates growth through acquisition of JSB


Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions and JSB, both value-added resellers of Agilent Technologies and suppliers of high-quality laboratory equipment and services, today announce their merger into a single company as Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions.

With the integration of Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions and JSB, two complementary product and service portfolios are combined, enabling the merged entity to better meet market demand. This strengthens Da Vinci's position as a leading player in chromatographic solutions for all analytical challenges. Additionally, Da Vinci enhances its international presence with an office in the United Kingdom, alongside existing international offices in India, China, and Singapore.

About JSB

Since 2002, JSB has been active in the Benelux market as a knowledge partner in chromatographic and mass spectrometric solutions. JSB is one of the major partners of Agilent in the Netherlands, adding value to Agilent systems by integrating them with additional modules (e.g., sample preparation and detection equipment) to provide customized solutions for customers. JSB has 19 employees and offices in Lelystad, Eindhoven and the UK.

About Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions

Founded as a service provider within the laboratory industry in 2000, Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has evolved into a versatile partner for laboratories by offering chromatographic solutions for all analytical challenges from sample preparation, analysis, reporting, data management, consumables, to technical support.

Like JSB, Da Vinci is a value-added reseller of Agilent Technologies. Da Vinci has offices in Rotterdam (HQ), Geleen, India, China, and Singapore. The company has 50 employees and provides an extensive application and testing laboratory, training facilities, and R&D capabilities. Da Vinci's mission is to increase laboratory efficiency with its chromatographic solutions.

Sander Affourtit, COO of JSB, will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer of the merged Agilent value-added partners: "This scaling up creates synergy for both parties, allowing us to leverage each other's knowledge and expertise to generate additional strength. Since the product offerings are complementary, the combination also provides access to more high-end chromatographic solutions."

Martijn van Raalte, CEO of Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions, is pleased with the move: "This merger enables us to create synergies, offer more innovative solutions, provide broader services, and better meet the specific needs of our customers in various sectors."

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