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Training and Education

JSB not only gives users instructions and explanations for the systems, but we also provide training. The experiences of our service engineers form the basis of our training courses. The training courses are therefore also given by one of our service engineers.

JSB has the following training courses in the programme:

·         A one–day seminar on injection techniques for GC
This seminar will provide an overview of the most common GC injection techniques (Split/Splitless, PTV, large volume injection, on-column) with focus on both theory and practical aspects to achieve optimal performance in your daily lab work. (English)
·         A one–day seminar on detection techniques for GC
A seminar on different detection possibilities available for GC (FID, TCD, qMS, TOF-MS, ECD, SCD etc.), with pro’s and con’s, tips for optimization, troubleshooting and examples of real-life applications. (English)
·         A one–day pyrolysis seminar
A seminar covering analytical theory, practical aspects, hardware overview, possible work-flows, and examples of real-life applications to highlight the potential  of pyrolysis as alternative sample introduction technique. (English)
·         A one–day GC-MS/MS user training course for the Agilent Triple Quadrupole GC/MS
This training will focus on method development and optimization, data processing, troubleshooting and examples of real-life applications for GC-MS/MS.  (English and Dutch)

·         A two-days GC/MSD maintenance and troubleshooting training course for the Agilent GC/MSD (English and Dutch)

We also offer a wide range of GCxGC and GC Image courses. Read more about these courses in this Brochure

All trainings are given at our UK office in groups with a maximum of 8 participants per training course. Want to know more? contact on of our training specialists.

Training on location?

Would you like training for a whole department of your organization? JSB gives you the possibility of having one of the above training sessions provided at your location. Contact us directly.