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News - PVC plasticizer in food and toys

PVC plasticizer in food and toys


CTC published a new GC/MS application note about the fully automated sample preparation for the determination of plasticizers in PVC from food contact materials and toys.

Food contact materials (FCM) made from PVC, such as e.g. gaskets of metal lids or cling films, may release plasticizers into the packed food. Such migration repeatedly exceeded legal limits or non-authorized plasticizers have been used. In a European enforcement campaign on migration from gaskets into oily foods in 2011, for example, legal limits were exceeded in 24% of the 308 samples analyzed. The EU also banned the use of certain phthalates as plasticizers for toys and childcare products, whereas its content is limited to below 0.1 %. Furthermore the directive 2011/65/EU will restrict “certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment”, including the same group of phthalates. Plasticizers are analyzed and quantified by GC-FID or MS, if detection limits lower than 0.1 % are required. So far up to 40 different plasticizers were found and quantified in FCM and toys.

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