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News - New Eclipse Process Gas Chromatograph

New Eclipse Process Gas Chromatograph


Wasson-ECE Instrumentation announced the new solution for Online Capillary Chromatography, the Eclipse Process Gas Chromatograph. The Eclipse design came out of decades of experience in laboratory and process analytics. The Eclipse process GC is Capable of handling complex and simple analyses. It has been challenging to implement a high-resolution capillary gas chromatography on-line due to the lack of availability of a highly accurate heated column oven. The state-of-the-art Eclipse process GC resolved this problem and can utilize up to two MicroConvection ovens for programmed temperature control of capillary columns; two isothermal ovens for packed columns, valving and detectors; one valve-inlet-detector (VID) oven for primary chromatographic valving, inlets and detectors; heated bridges for controlled sample transfer; and sample panel options for complex sample handling and multiplexing.

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