Sharper peaks, better separation



JSB has been active with GCXGC analysis for almost 15 years and has a broad range in regards of GCXGC solutions I store. Many applications can be found on the JSB website but if you are looking for specific application information than please sent us your request. JSB basis their solutions on the Agilent GC platform in combination with the ZOEX thermal modulators or with the Agilent flow modulation technology. Also detection wise JSB has a broad range of detectors in their product portfolio. Ranging from simple straightforward FID to TOFMS and QTOF MS. Especially for the petrochemical installations JSB also has the SCD and NPD in the product portfolio. Please have a look at the available information on this site or simply sent us a request with your challenge or application. Our specialists are more than happy to support you with the right information. Also in order to see if GCXGC might be the right technology for you we are also able to run your samples on a wide range of instruments that we have in our demo laboratory. Simply get in touch with your sales specialist and ask if we could run your sample. This service is free of charge.